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beplay体育-beplay官方网站_Sextortion -- using nude photos of someone to press for even racier content or other goods -- is surprisingly common, a US think tank says in what it calls the first in-depth study of another danger lurking in cyberspace.美国一家智库称之为,“性诈骗”不道德——利用一些人的陈冠希提供更加猥亵的内容或者其他东西——难以置信地广泛。该智库称之为,这是为网络空间的另众多潜在危害所做到的首份深度研究。Most victims are minors, the predators are almost always men who prey on multiple targets, and almost all adult victims are women, it said. Most victims choose to stay anonymous, out of shame.研究称之为,大多数受害者都是青少年,而侵犯者完全总是对多个目标杀掉的男子,而且完全所有的成年受害者都是女性。

大多数受害者都自由选择电子邮件以免真是。And while US law enforcement officials acknowledge the problem, no agency or advocacy group keeps data on it, said the Brookings Institution, which published the study on Wednesday.布鲁金斯学会11日公布了这项研究结果,称之为尽管美国执法人员官员否认这一问题,但还没机构或者利益团体跟踪这方面的数据。Even the term sextortion is not a real word, but rather slang that prosecutors use to refer to an offense that does not fit neatly into a single category.甚至就连“性诈骗”也并非一个确实的词,而是检察官用于的一个俗语,用来代指不完全符合任何一个类别的侵犯不道德。

Legally speaking, theres no such thingbeplay官方网站, the report states.报告称之为,“从法律上谈,并没‘性诈骗’这个罪名。”Sextortion can entail a hack into someones computer to rob a sexy picture or video or take over a webcam, then the use of this content to extort victims for even more.性诈骗可以通过入侵某人的电脑盗取色情照片或者视频,或者入侵网络摄像头,然后利用这些内容对受害者展开诈骗。It is even more common for perpetrators to resort to social media to elicit a photograph from a victim, then use it to demand more.更加少见的情况是,犯罪者通过社交媒体提供受害者的照片,随后展开诈骗。The Brookings Institution said it studied 78 cases from recent years that met its definition of sextortion and many others that contained elements of it.布鲁金斯学会研究了近年再次发生的合乎其“性诈骗”定义的78起案例,以及其它诸多所含“性诈骗”因素的案例。

Those cases involve at least 1,379 victims. But for a variety of reasons -- such as prosecutors not seeking out all victims of a given predator -- the true number of victims from those 78 cases could actually range from 3,000 to 6,500 or even more, the study said.这些案例中的受害者最少有1379位。但由于多种原因,比如检察官并没找到遭到某一位侵犯者侵犯的所有受害者,这78起案例的受害者现实人数可能会超过3000到6500人,甚至更加多。

One involved a woman who opened an email from an unknown sender and found sexually explicit photos of herself, data about her job, husband and three kids, and a demand for a porno video of her.在其中一起案例中,一名女子关上一封来路不明的邮件,而后找到了她自己的猥亵照,还有有关她的工作、丈夫和三个孩子的资料,发信人还拒绝取得她的情色视频。|beplay体育-beplay官方网站。