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beplay体育-beplay官方网站_A California-based flight firm says its jet can take you from the Big Apple to the Orient in half the amount of time it would take to watch Titanic.坐落于加州的XCOR宇航公司回应,他们研发的近期小型航天飞机从纽约到东京只需90分钟,仅有相等于观赏《泰坦尼克号》电影一半的时间。XCOR Aerospace claims its Lynx spacecraft can travel at a speed of more than 2,500 mph - and dozens of miles above the earth - before safely landing at an airport.XCOR宇航公司回应,“山猫”号航天飞机时速可多达2500英里,在安全性在机场迫降前飞行高度也将超过几十英里。

It would be the fastest commercial flight since the days of the Concorde.这将沦为协和式超音速客机后速度最慢的商业飞机。Business Insider reported that work continues on a prototype of the jet, but portions of the aircraft have been released to the public, including testing of Lynxs supersonic engine last week.据商业内幕网站报导,这种飞机的原型机仍在修建当中,但部分情况已对外发布,还包括上周发布的“山猫”号超音速引擎测试。When finished and successfully tested, the company will begin marketing the world’s quickest flights on a jet that takes off and lands like the 747s of today.在修建已完成并测试顺利后,该公司将开始运营全球最慢的喷气式客机航班,降落和迫降就和现今的波音747客机一样。XCOR COO Andrew Nelson told the reporters that flights between Tokyo and New York are likely to be available within the next 20 years.XCOR公司的首席运营官安德鲁-纳尔逊告诉他记者,东京到纽约的航线未来将会于20年内构建。


XCOR is one of several companies developing suborbital vehicles for commercial space tourist flights.XCOR是研发亚轨道飞行器、用作商业太空飞行的几家公司之一。Lynx, a two-seater craft, will be able to take off and land at standard airports and unlike other spacecraft it will be a reusable space plane, capable of making up to four trips per day.“山猫”号另设两个座位,将可在普通机场民航机,而且和其他航天器有所不同,这种航天飞机可以重复使用,每天最多需要飞行中四次。It will take a pilot and passenger to the edge of space for a few minutes of microgravity and the ultimate view of the Earth.“山猫”号可配备一名驾驶员和一名游客升空,转入太空边缘,体验几分钟太空微重力,眺望地球。

XCOR anticipates beginning space tourist flights on the new plane in 2013, with tickets selling for $95,000 per person.XCOR公司预计将于2013年用于新式航天飞机积极开展太空游项目,票价为每人9.5万美元。。