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【beplay体育-beplay官方网站】In the past few months, I started noticing that I’ve become a slave. I’m a slave to the internet, and I’m a slave to mbeplay体育y phone. I tried remembering how many times I haven’t used my phone for more than an hour in the last few years, but I couldn’t.在过去的几个月里,我开始察觉到自己俨然出了一个奴隶。一个被英特网和手机抗拒的奴隶。我企图回忆起在前几年里到底有多少次靠近手机超强一小时,但我无能为力。


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the internet. I hear the old-schoolers talk about how the internet is killing everything, how we humans are deteriorating because of it. I hear them say that bloggers are not journalists and that social connections are not relationships, but I think they are wrong.不要误会,我只不过是英特网的拥簇者。但却听起守旧派说道网络是如何如何地毁坏一切,我们人类又是如何如何地被其生锈。

还听闻博客专栏作家不是新闻工作者,网络社交也远比社交,可我却不敢苟同。Technology, including in large part the internet, alongside human relationships, is one of the connections that moves our society forward. The innovation that appears in all aspects of our daily lives allows us to be smarter, faster, better. So every time I hear the old-schoolers talk about how the internet is a bad thing, I wonder why they wouldn’t want to be better.人类关系和科技,也包括广泛应用的网络,相辅相成,它们联合前进社会变革。


日常中各领域的革新,促成我们的生活更加智能,更加极快,更加幸福。所以每当我听到守旧派辩论网络是个坏东西的时候,我就奇怪怎么会他们想过得更佳么?The BIG problem with the internet is that it makes us dependent. Quite often, I see people (and I’m one of them) that actually look and act like junkies. They can’t stop playing with their phone, iPod, PC, or tablet. They can’t disconnect themselves from the non-stop stream of information that the internet provides us. Like everything in life, when you find yourself dependent on something, it might be the right time to start thinking about whether you need to stop and restart yourself.网络头号问题就是它把我们显得更加倚赖它了。好些时候,我看人们(我也是其中一员)的气色和不道德都像瘾君子。


Here are a few tips to help you take a break from your digital addiction:这里的小贴士可以老大你戒除数码瘾:1. Put your phone face-down.把手机面朝劳改I recently had the good fortune of discovering a fantastic project called undigitize.me. This project is a creation of a young entrepreneur who had enough. He wanted to focus on the things that mattered the most, mainly the people he encountered and his thoughts. One day he realized that the phone was his biggest obstacle.最近我很幸运地找到了一个叫作“挣脱数码”的项目。这个项目是由一个曾经历许多的年长企业家创立。

他期望将精力集中于在最重要的事情,还有平时邂逅的人物和思维上面。某天他意识到手机是他仅次于的障碍。So what does it mean to put your phone face-down? It means that you are preventing your mobile device from capturing your attention every time you receive an email, message, or any other stream of information. It’s not just a statement; it’s a way of life. Keeping your phone face-down means that you are trying to normalize the way you think and act, it means that once again you are in control of your time and focus and will not let any app or service control you.那么把手机面朝劳改是什么意思呢?就是说你要让你的移动设备与你的注意力分离,无论是顾盼电子邮件、短信还是其他的信息流。



2. Go back to sleep.之后睡眠中Since moving to New York (while my team remains in Tel Aviv), I have been suffering from severe jet lag. This basically causes me to wake up at least three times throughout the night.自从搬了纽约(而我的团队回到特拉维夫),我就仍然被相当严重的时差后遗症着。基本上每晚我都会最少醒来时3次。The big problem with waking up in the middle of the night, is that while its 3:30 AM in New York it’s also 10:30 AM in Tel Aviv. This means that in the middle of the night, I wake up to at least thirty emails, messages, and push notifications. For some reason, I can’t help but check each one of those notifications until I’m so awake that sleep has become impossible. One thing leads to another, and I suddenly find myself answering emails and going on Facebook and Twitter, all because I picked up my phone instead of going back to sleep.当纽约时间是凌晨3:30时,特拉维夫正是上午10:30,这就是午夜醒来时的大问题的原因。